Buying Your Family Photo Prints Online

Modern day photography has gone completely digital. From the time the shutter is pressed to the final image coming out of the printer, every aspect of picture taking is done in the camera and on a computer. When hiring a professional photographer to take your family portraits here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to getting proper prints.

When choosing a photographer to take your next set of family photos be sure to take the time to research their printing process. Anyone can go to a big department store to get photos printed now that everything is digital, but that does not mean that you will receive the best quality for the money most photographers will charge.

A true professional photographer will have a specialized print lab that they send all of their jobs to so that the prints that you receive will be constant and guaranteed. Some photographers will have their own in studio printer to cut out the middle man and that is completely acceptable as long as the prints are done on quality surface with proper ink.

When choosing your prints having them on line is the fastest and easiest way to pick through the best shots. Most photographers will upload all of the shots taken on your photo shoot on a site that has a secure login and password so that no one can see your photos but you (and the photographer!) When logged on to the site you will be able to go through and choose the discussed number of photos you will be able to have printed and sometimes you can choose sizes as well.

Depending on the photographer you choose the photos you choose to have printed will be flagged and then retouched. The point to retouching a photo is to “clean up” and skin blemishes, scars, pimples, stray hairs, color balance and almost anything that my distract from having you look your best! Some photographers will do photo retouches free of charge when you purchase a package from their site or is may cost a small fee to have this added to your photos.

Take the time to ask your photographer questions about how they do their photo printing and what sort of post production they are willing to give your photos. Anyone can go to Walmart and have their photos taken for little cost but the quality of photo you will receive from a department store pales in comparison to the high quality photos and service you will get from a professional photographer.